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Wake Wood Surf "Big Cheese"


Style: Hybrid - Performance Longboard

Size:  59” x 20” x 3/4”

Fin Config: Futures Single Fin

Traction: Clear Grit Integrated Epoxy Deck Traction or Agenda 

This Malibu inspired longboard shape is a true walk around cruiser that just about anyone can ride.  It excels for beginners since it is easy to ride, and bigger guys and girls will love the added planing surface.  Most longboards on the market are thick, making them difficult to sink the heelside rail when trying to start out.  At only 3/4” thick the Big Cheese is much easier to waterstart.  Once underway the the thinner board and hard rails afford skimboard like manuverability while the large center fin provides plenty of drive. The full nose prevents pearling and the nearly continuous rocker reacts quickly to changes in foot positioning,  allowing cross stepping and hang fives on a board that’s just plain fun to ride.   The Big Cheese loves huge steep waves, but will perform miracles even on the smallest wave. This is a must for have for every boat.

Made in the Finger Lakes of New York