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Artisan Surf Team Riders

Lynndy Smith


Lynndy Smith is a 23 year old water-holic who was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. Her love for surfing came from childhood vacations in Southern California. Unfortunately, being land locked in Arizona, she never got to surf at home. In the early 2000s, her family bought a small Mastercraft wakeboat allowing Lynndy to discover a new passion, Wakeboarding. It wasn't until 2007, when her family upgraded to a Supra v22, that Lynndy began to wakesurf. She quickly fell in love with the sport and was eager to share it with her friends. She has since spent every weekend she could out on Lake Pleasant. Those who visit Lake Pleasant frequently can easily spot her as she almost always has a giant pink inflatable flamingo tied to the top of her wake tower. Lynndy believes nothing quite brings people together like clear skies and blue water. 

Follow her fun on Instagram @goprogirl_az

Ashley Harel


Ashley is 29 years old. Born in Connecticut, raised in south Carolina, currently an Atlanta local.

Started skateboarding at age 8, snowboarding at 13, and  ocean surfing at 20 years old when I moved to Charleston to go to college. Stepped on my first wakesurf board at age 26. Surfed only a hand full of times behind a friend's boat, then entered the georgia wakesurf nationals. I didn't even  have my own  boat, board or vest at that point. Lol. I was even more hooked after meeting the amazing people in the wakesurf community. I started seriously wakesurfing and competing in 2016 when I finally purchased my first board and vest. Now i'm entering the beginning of my 3rd competitive year of wakesurfing as an artsian team rider.

I love everything about being on a board and being in the water. That's where I feel the most freedom! I love learning new tricks and cruising across the water. I try to wakesurf once a week, but I have many passions that I believe make me a well rounded athlete and surfer. I work full time as a nurse, actively train for american ninja warrior,  skateboard, and play camogie for the city of atlanta! Wakesurfing is my number one but I enjoy learning all types of new things,  and facing new challenges!

Stay tuned for her custom board build and check her out on Instagram @ashleytheskateboardingnurse

Davis Gertner


Davis was first introduced to water/tow sports at the age of 8 where he learned kneeboarding and wakeboarding behind my friends Masteraft on Canandaigua Lake. A few years down the road his family bought that very same boat that had helped him fall in love  with towsports to begin with. In 2014 he met Myles from WakeWood Surf who introduced him and a friend to the sport of wakesurfing. Having an older boat, it wasn't until years later that he was able to save up for ballast bags and a pump, as well as figure  out how to set the boat up properly. This process was not easy however it was totally worth it when he got to share this amazing sport with friends and family.  

In 2018 he started competing mainly to meet new people in the community. What he didn't realize is the number of people that love the sport just as much as he did. he's made many new connections and now works for FLX Charters where he gets to share his passion for the sport. 

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Owner of Artisan Surf

My personal Instagram account, Pictures of me and my friends, Surfing and anything and everything that seems cool at the time...

FLX Charters


 Finger Lakes Charters is here for you all Summer long. Whether the plan is to ride through the Finger Lakes with your loved one or take the kids out for a day of fun in the sun, soak it up care free with us at FLX. We provide you a brand new fully equipped Super Air Natique GS24 luxury boat for whatever kind of day you have in mind. Don't you worry about the gas and traveling hassle. FLX will also provide you with a Captain, so you can enjoy yourself too.

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Skylon Sports

We manufacture high quality wakeboarding boat accessories including wakeboard towers, wakeboard racks, tower speakers, and aftermarket wakeboard tower accessories. Count on our products for years of dependable use. With over 27 years of experience building quality wakeboard boat accessories, we have mastered the art.

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Wakebaotsurfing is a page created for surfing enthusiasts to share their love for being on the water. WakeBoatSurfing has reviews of high quality surfboards from all around the world and products to enhance your wake surfing experience. Send in all the fun you are having on the water for a possible feature on our page! Join us and become familiar with everything surfing and being out on the water has to offer for you, your family, and your friends. 

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Owner of Wake Wood Surf & Motorboat Surf

Agenda Surf


Only Traction I use on Artisan Surf Boards!

AGENDA SURF is a rider inspired business that grew out of a desire to bring Performance Products Designed with Awsomenes to the Watersports industries. A So-Cal based design and manufacturing company which specializes in performance Wake,Surf,SUP,Skim and Boating sports products. The AGENDA mission is to create innovative, design functional and performance driven products inspired by the top riders and companies in the industry. AGENDA products are developed in conjunction with Pacific Creations and are manufactured at their Southern California facility. This relationship allows AGENDA to leverage Pacific Creation's well established supply chain and manufacturing capability in order to provide our customers with the best prices and highest quality products possible.

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Lodestar Wake


Laugh | Live | Ride

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Wakesurf Media


 A friend recently described us as an online retailer of information rather than products, and we feel that is a fair depiction! Multiple brands, riders, retailers, products, competitions, and more will will be covered. We’re always looking for additional so make sure to contact us!Wakesurfing videos, photos, news, & more! – We are solely dedicated to promoting our sport and the products, companies, riders, retailers, and fans that help it grow.WakeSurf Media considers our sport to be a family-oriented activity and our website/social media content, in any form, will reflect that. We realize this may give us an uphill battle but it is something we feel very passionate about and invite you to have the entire family visit our various locations across the web and social media!

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